About Foot Pain

At Eastside Wellness Chiropractic, there are very few exceptions that every patient's foot mechanics are not being evaluated—even patients with no foot symptoms. The foot is only second to the hand as a sensory organ. That means it is an orchestra leader telling which muscles to turn on and when. Its motion is essential for proper hip motion and knee mechanics. If you improve the function of the foot, the whole chain will immediately perform at a higher level. We engage with our environment through our feet. The foot is one of three primary motion centers of the body we concentrate on to affect the kinetic chain's ability to work efficiently.

Where Does Foot Pain Come From

Conditions we see frequently are plantar fasciitis, varum lower leg or thigh, genu valgum or varum, hallux limitus or rigidus tibia torsion, bunions, loss of dorsiflexion, shin splints, deep posterior compartment syndrome, sesamoiditis.

How Does Eastside Wellness Chiropractic Treat Foot Pain?

Many conservative methods can make a big difference in foot dysfunctions themselves. Sometimes, a custom orthotic will be used in conjunction with corrective exercise strategies.

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