About Hip Pain

The hip is truly the motion center of the human body. It is comprised of two giant ball-bearing and the strongest muscles in the body. When this area gets a cold, the other parts of the body get pneumonia. Our freedom truly resides in the hip's ability to function well. If not, someone is helping you off the commode, in and out of your car. True hip pain is felt in the groin. Usually, long before anterior hip or groin pain begins, there are many signs: knee pain, recurrent lower back pain, balance problems, and weakness climbing stairs. The best care will not be based on symptoms but on motion and the ability to control motion.

Where Does Hip Pain Come From

Poor motion, stability, and strength are an epidemic in this country. The reason, in part, is the amount of time we spend sitting. Cultures that sit much less don't have the same incident of replacement.

How Does Eastside Wellness Chiropractic Treat Hip Pain?

One of the greatest gifts any provider can hope for is a great eye and hands to find motion and stability deficits. Once found, 3D methods to regain mobility and stability can be used.

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