About Knee Pain

Knee pain is highly prevalent in our more athletic population, especially in running populations, where the knee is compressed repeatedly. That being said, you do not have to be active to experience knee pain. In the office, we always call the knee the “victim.” We call the knee the victim because it is usually faulty hip or ankle movement that is the true driver of knee pain. This is why Eastside Wellness Chiropractic does a highly detailed exam of the knee, lower back, hip, and ankle for a patient with knee pain.

Where Does Knee Pain Come From?

The meniscus, Collateral ligaments, ACL and PCL, Quadriceps, and bursa surround the knee and the lower back. It is paramount to realize that these structures are usually being overused. The reason someone is experiencing knee pain is almost always a foot or ankle problem causing dysfunction in the knee. Occasionally, we do get patients who have direct trauma to the knee.

How Does Eastside Wellness Chiropractic Treat Knee Pain?

At Eastside, we use McKenzie to find directional preferences to help alleviate the pain initially. We also will address any trigger points around the knee using ART, dry needling, or stretching. We then stabilize the knees, hips, and ankles using DNS and Gary Gray.

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