About Mid-Back Pain

Very few research dollars go toward our mid-backs. The mid-back is the twelfth vertebrae below your neck and above your lower back, where the ribs attach. In over 35 years of practice, I have seen 3-4 disc bulges in this area. The neck and lower back are the areas that consume all the research dollars and all the surgeries. The mid-back is one of the most gifted areas in the body for producing motion. It is good at extension and lateral flexion and extremely good at flexion and rotation.

Where Does Mid-Back Pain Come From

Being so gifted at creating motion makes it a very influential area. That means when it loses its ability to move as well, it often affects other parts of the spine that are less gifted in their ability to move. As we age and with the effects of gravity and poor posture, the mid-back is dramatically changed. It is truly the exception when someone grows older and their mid-back is not rounded and hunched. This causes mass havoc to the neck, shoulders, lower back, and mid-back.

How Does Eastside Wellness Chiropractic Treat Mid-Back Pain?

This progression is not inevitable; much can be done to keep its 3D motion and stability. We use joint and soft tissue mobilization, adjustments, Active Release Technique, dry needling, and functional manual reaction. DNS and Gray Institute corrective exercise methods are used to gain mobility and stability.

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