About Neck Pain

Only second to the lower back for spinal-related surgeries. The cervical spine is particularly susceptible to posture-related problems. As a sitting culture and a large part of the workforce spending their day on a computer, we are rounded like never before. This rounded shoulder forward head with chin poke creates posterior disc bulging in the cervical spine.

Where Does Neck Pain Come From

The primary tissues that cause neck pain are the disc and posterior joint, known as facets. Mobility or stability losses in other locations can also create symptoms in the neck. The main culprits driving neck symptoms are poor shoulder mobility and/or stability, the midback, and the temporomandibular joint. Just like the lower back, which can be the culprit behind sciatic symptoms, arm pain, weakness, and numbness can be driven by the cervical disc.

How Does Eastside Wellness Chiropractic Treat Neck Pain?

Many conservative tools have successfully improved neck pain at Eastside Wellness Chiropractic, including ergonomic training, corrective exercise strategies, joint mobilization, dry needling, the Cox method cervical spine flexion distraction, the McKenzie Method, and home traction. We also work with physiatrists and medical doctors who specialize in physical medicine to help control symptoms in acute cases. If conservative care is not succeeding, we will not hesitate to make the correct referrals.

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