About Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is a common problem in athletics and in people who work chronically on the computer. In the office, we find that people with radial nerve entrapment also exhibit the signs and symptoms of tennis elbow. The doctor must determine if the patient’s symptoms are from overuse or the nerve being pulled on.

Where Does Tennis Elbow Come From?

It is caused by overuse of the extensor group of the forearm (or the top part of the forearm). Here, the extensor group, namely the brachioradialis, is often used and starts pulling too much on the bone. This, in turn, causes pain. The muscles themselves can also be the source of pain. From overuse, the muscles are deprived of oxygen and cannot heal. This lack of oxygen results in the tightening of the muscles, which are called trigger points.

How Does Eastside Wellness Chiropractic Treat Tennis Elbow?

Active Release Technique is a superior treatment method for tennis elbow. We also use exercises to help stabilize the shoulder and elbow.

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