John is a patient who came into our clinic with left-side low back pain. John has seen many healthcare providers and gets pain relief but only for a short period.

This article you might be thinking is supposed to be about the foot. So what can the foot possibly have to do with John's left-side re-occurring low-back pain? Everything.

John would receive care in the past to calm down the irritation of the joint on the left side of his low back. As a result, John's pain would improve, but the culprit of John's pain was never being addressed.

During John's examination in our clinic, it was revealed he had a loss of motion in his left heel bone. He was also missing on the left side, adequate ankle motion.

Every time John took a step with his right foot, his lack of ankle motion would make his left heel leave the ground early. This caused the left lower back joint to take on excessive stress with each right step. Whenever John steps forward with his left foot and his body weight lands on his forward foot, his heel does not work on his behalf. This does not allow his hip to load properly. This robs the strongest muscle to function at its full ability. Transferring stress from the hip into John's left low back joint.

The foot is so gifted in its ability to make the chain work well. There may be absolutely no pain in the foot, but its dysfunctions can make other parts of the body its victim.

The foot is an amazing adapter; it deforms itself to absorb our body weight as it crashes into the ground. Within a fraction of a second, the foot adapts to a rigid foundation for the body to propel itself. That is ideal, but in many of us, the very efficient transformation is limited. Most deficits and dysfunctions along the chain, especially in the foot, can be dealt with. To help lower back pain, you must have a strong understanding of foot mechanics. Please see the attached videos that help with foot function.

If you are getting care and the only place they address is where your complaint exists, leave.

Brian Rafool

Brian Rafool


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