What is gluteal amnesia? It is the inability to activate your gluteal muscles in everyday function. Your glutes are the main extensor muscles in your hips. You can see gluteal amnesia in people when they walk (excessive side-to-side hip motion—called frontal plane instability) or squat (shifting weight to one side–or in the case of the one-leg squat, a knee cave-in or adduction).  

What issues does gluteal amnesia lead to? Well, to name a few: femoral acetabular impingement, plantar fasciitis, low back pain, knee osteoarthritis, meniscal tears, and hip arthritis. You see, your body parts are all interconnected. Therefore, a problem in one area can cause havoc throughout the whole body. The term “regional interdependence” refers to the fact that a problem in one area of the body can (and usually does) cause pain/problems somewhere else.  

What can be done to remedy gluteal amnesia? Proper exercise. You might need to start with the exercises you did as a baby—proper crawling. Mastering this basic technique, things such as gluteal bridges, lateral band walks, monster walks, and clamshells will help activate the glutes and help produce strength and health throughout your body.

Banded Walk Exercise       Two Leg Hip Bridge

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